January 2015

Upcoming Enrollment Events

January 30, 2015

As we approach the February 15th deadline for enrollment, we wanted to make sure you know of a few big enrollment events that are happening. 

Community College of Aurora and Current Walk-ins

January 22, 2015

We had our health fair at the Community College of Aurora yesterday. We held this event in order to connect with one of our target populations, the "Young Invincible.

Community College of Aurora Enrollment Event

January 16, 2015

Join us this upcoming WEDNESDAY from 10 AM - 1 PM at the Community College of Aurora!



Meet ACAN: Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC)

January 09, 2015

We love working with the folks at APDC and they have done a wonderful job at enrollments this year.

Health Coverage Sunday: Divine Love Christian Center

January 07, 2015

Join us on...
JANUARY 11TH, 2015
1 PM - 5 PM